#7 Another Chapter

know that i still think about you
maybe not every day but i do
i think of what could have been
had i been too hasty at nineteen?
i guess we won’t ever know
unless we give it another go
people say don’t look back
look ahead and don’t lose track
but you’re part of my story
you’re a chapter i can’t just bury

#6 Today

Like silk draping my skin
his words wrap me in warm hugs
My arms reach for him
Wanting more of that spew
Coming out of his mouth
It doesn’t matter if it’s all hogwash
I just need to hear it
For my heart to believe it
I just need to hear him
For my heart to believe him
I’ll save my tears for tomorrow
But right now I want to bask
In the glow of his lies
While his empty promises
Caress my body…